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Celebrating 50 years of Thames Television we offer an enviable catalogue of documentaries, London news, entertainment and gameshow footage.

World class award winning documentaries including This Week/TVEye (1968-1992),covering a broad depth and range of international topics.

Event television like American Idol and The X Factor; iconic shows like Baywatch, Benny Hill and The Sweeney, and gameshows from Price is Right to What’s my Line and I’ve Got a Secret.
T: +44 (0)20 7691 6733
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Kick-start your project by talking to the world’s biggest creator and distributor of digital content. The depth and breadth of our archive is un-surpassed offering 8 million online clips including world-renowned broadcast, studio, and archive partners such as BBC Motion Gallery, ITN, AFP, Warner Brothers, Sky News, and Bloomberg.

Our extensive editorial content can help tell your stories, and millions of affordable, royalty-free clips covering every genre, can help fill in gaps and control budgets. Download broadcast quality clips 24/7, while 1 million hours of offline content, including rare gems from BBC and ITN archives, can be accessed with assistance from our experienced staff. Talk to us for help and creative guidance on your project.

T: 0800 376 7977
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GP archives

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Created in 2004, GP archives preserves, restores and exploits 15,000 hours of historical newsreels and documentaries produced by Gaumont, Pathé and Éclair since 1895.

As part of our heritage conservation policy and to supply our customers the very best quality of our films, we daily scan and digitize our collections in Pro Res 2K from the original 35mm elements. More details and online database at
Cyrille Lollivier
e: clollivier
t: +33 6 0995 1403
w : www.gaumont
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Hquality is a company specialized in producing and editing 4/8k High Quality videos and stories.

We propose 30-sec reels, with built-in soundtrack, which our clients can easily customize with their personal brand.
Such reels are produced directly from the top selection of our stock footage portfolio: more than 15,000 high-quality clips, re-arranged to form customized stories.

Everyone’s story.

Our clients’ story.
Filippo Colizza
t: +39 3473857207