17th June 2020
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PROGRESS, founded 1950 in East-Berlin, is the exclusive footage distributor for the complete film heritage of East-Germany from 1946 - 1990.

The unique collection comprises more than 700 movies, 2000 documentaries, 1400 newsreels, 950 animated films - produced on 35mm by DEFA Filmstudio in an outstanding cinematographic quality.

PROGRESS keeps the world captured on film with a perspective from the East side of the Iron Curtain .

Color film is available from 1950 on.
Claudia Hentze
Director of Archive
t: +49 (0) 341 26177 24
e: hentze@progress.film
w: www.progress.film


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The latest venture from R3storestudios.com

R3el.com - The Footage Fanatics

On a mission to deliver beautifully curated clips in a few clicks

You'll find us on table 29 - come and say hi!
R3store Studios
Jo Griffin
Chief Operating Officer
T: +44 203 319 3991
E: jo@r3storestudios.com
W: R3storestudios.com
W: R3el.com
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Archival Footage

Getting archival footage at a quality price has always been a challenge, which is why we launched RETROFOOTAGE.ORG. Search our vast collection of archival stock footage, and then for only the cost of a handling fee you can purchase and download individual clips or entire films. We have taken the hard work out of finding historical footage by putting it all online, making it downloadable and charging the most reasonable prices in the industry.
Rick Ray
T: 800-666-8904
E: info@retrofootage.org
W: www.retrofootage.org
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Science Photo Library

Table 01

Science Photo Library is the leading source of science images and footage. Supplied from scientific and medical experts, acclaimed photographers and renowned institutions our content is unrivalled worldwide. Outstanding quality, accuracy and commitment to excellence are deeply embedded in our DNA. We inspire creative professionals and deliver content of the highest quality.

Explore our compelling motion collection: sciencephoto.com/motion.
Science Photo Library
T: +44 (0)20 7432 1100
E: sales@sciencephoto.com
W: www.sciencephoto.com